Sacred Eroticism 

Your Path to to Devotion,
Consciousness, and Pleasure

Sacred Eroticism 

Your Path to Devotion,
Consciousness, and Pleasure

Sacred Eroticism 

When sacred meets erotic, you experience ecstasy and nuances in your pleasure scale and energy level. Your body and mind achieve harmony and are not at war. The energy of love and pleasure have healing power and can activate your five senses to enter a deep stage of self-connection and awareness. 

Mindful touching and caressing, soulful eye gazing, conscious breath and stillness bring up the subtle energy within the body to enhance spiritual growth and physical well-being. Your energy, aka bioelectricity, is not depleted but charged to replenish the body, heart, and mind.  Every person deserves to invest in learning the sacred erotic arts, it's never too late to discover your ecstasy and be a Master Lover!

My Tantra teacher, Sarita, says “Once we taste the sublime ecstasy which is our birth-right, there is no going back. Tantra becomes our way of life.”

My Taoism teacher, Mantak Chia, says “Everybody wants more energy. We eat healthy and exercise to get more energy. But the problem is we don’t know how to conserve our energy and we are always looking for more. We need to learn to keep the one that we have; to conserve it and recycle it.”


About Jeanie

Jeanie is a Tantra Educator, Dakini, and Sex & Love Coach. She combines the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoism to compliment the latest research on Human Sexuality and Sexual Healing. Helping men and women gain self-confidence, lasting vitality, intimacy skill sets, a meditative mind, and tools for epic pleasure is her life's mission.

Her transition from a Chinese metropolitan urban center to New York City was both familiar and daunting.  She spent a decade competing in corporate America, resulting in lots of recognitions, but feeling unfulfilled.


She went on a personal growth quest, she gave in to her curiosities and desires, she studied with renowned Tantra and Taoism teachers, such as Charles Muir, Ma Ananda Sarita, Mantak Chia, Leah Piper, and Layla Martin. She also immersed in Kink and studied Dom/Sub arts with OM Rupani and Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) with Midori. As a result of transforming the conservative and traditional belief systems that had her feeling small, she realized that the growth and love she experienced must be shared with others... and so her unstoppable mission to help men and women merge the sacred with the erotic was born. 

Now she is ready to take you on a journey that includes healing your negative sexual beliefs, giving you real tools and lasting skills that generate meaningful intimacy between you and those you hold dear. 


1. Work With Jeanie

Each appointment contains these modalities - Tantric and Taoism principles, breathwork, bodywork, intimacy coaching, sounding, and movement. It is customized based on your intention and level. Your five senses awaken in a hyper-relaxed setting composed of sensual touch, soulful eye gazing, pleasurable and vibrant breathing. The safe and heartfelt connection nourishes your mind and whole body. The session is embodied, educational, and respectful. By uncovering your true desires and blockages, we navigate the body and mind connection to empower your subconsciousness and truly support your desires. I welcome all genders and orientations. 


Who will particularly benefit?

•    You want to address concerns about performance issues or loss of intimacy with safety, full acceptance, and effective support.

•    You have had some experience with Tantra or Taoism arts, and want to move to the next level to create great intimacy, become multi-orgasmic or cultivate self-nourishment.

•    You are disconnected with sexuality because of upbringing or social conditioning or stress but are determined to light up confidence and connection with your body and desire.

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2. The Sacred Eroticism Code

Every Session Includes:

  • Nurturing Tantric Touch 

  • Meditative Breath Work

  • Intimacy Skill Sets

  • Coaching

Customization is Crucial:

  • The Area You Want Expertise On

  • Your Sexual History

  • Personal Growth Goals

Guiding Principles:

  • Integrity 

  • Lightheartedness 

  • Shame-free Communication

  • Love is Medicine


  • 100% Confidentiality 

  • High Integrity and Clear Boundary

  • Genuine Care and Honest Feedback

  • Organic Unscented Body Products 

3. Session

Bodywork Session for Individuals or Couples

  • Tantric Bodywork and Healing (2-2.5 hours) 

    • Address performance issues or anxiety, experience embodied healing and ecstasy, and/or obtain blissful sensation in the full body

  • Tantra + Sensual Kink (2.5 - 3 hours)

    • Guide you to discover erotic body senses through bondage, impact play, sensation play, and tantric bodywork

  • Tantric Intimacy for Couples (3 hours) 

    • Support couples to build tantric connection and skills, and to achieve sacred intimacy and love


Tantra and Tao Bodywork Package 


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*The in-call session is at a serene apartment in Manhattan, New York City. Out-call is available on a case-by-case basis. 

Esther Perel, a world-renowned psychologist & relationship expert, defines Eroticism

"Humans have an erotic life. We transform sexuality. We socialize sexuality through our imagination. And the central agent of the erotic act is our creativity, our imagination, or ability to renew, our ability to anticipate... We can envision the act without having to actually enact it. And it is the cultivation of pleasure for its own sake."​ 



“I enjoyed the session so much! Jeanie engages and makes a safe environment to explore and learn. I could really feel her empathy, compassion, and desire to help others on their journey. I feel energized, more focused, and happy in the last 24 hours right after the first session.


My energy is more constant, rather than ups and downs. I slept very deeply with creative dreams. I learned that to speak openly, connectivity with other people, and focus on breath across the chakras,” 

- J, 40+, Consultant

  1. Please email the following information: Your Name/Age/Occupation/Mobile #/What have you most curious about working with me? to or text 201-676-0887 to book a free intake phone call.

  2. Intake phone call - It is vitally important that we both feel that working together is a good fit. Our intake call is a chance for us to ask each other questions ensuring we are headed in the same direction, where the most value, growth, and pleasant can occur. The call usually lasts about 15 minutes. 

  3. Communicate any questions you may have before booking.

  4. Reserve your session.

  5. Receive confirmation email and things to prepare before your session.

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